Welcome to AHD Consultants..At AHD Consultants, our experts possess a deep understanding of the restaurant business. We have experience in every aspect of the food service field. Inquire with us today to experience success for today and for the future. With expert advice from our consultants, you will be able to protect your investment in the food industry and surge ahead of the pack. Contact our chef or give us a call today at (504) 737-3131.

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Mission Statement

AHD Consultants is a full service food brokerage company serving the food industry in the deep south. Our goal is to create an environment that promotes proper values and encourages growth resulting in more profitable and rewarding relationship for our employees, manufacturers, users, and distribution partners.

Sales Coverage

We service the entire deep south area including the entire state of Louisiana, Mississippi Gulf Coast, and other requested areas.New Orleans Map



King & Prince Added to AHD Consultants Product Line

King & Prince announces AHD Consultants as their new Louisiana Broker. Please contact us if you would like to look at any new items within … Continue reading